27 December 2013

hay guyz this is my yung lean inspired outfitie

hi bbs was i the new yung saline
vid below


  1. Omg, you are so obsessed with yourself.

  2. also: have you ever seen a blog

    1. i follow yours for quite a long time so i know that there were times when it wasn't just recent "heey guyz, watch me, i'm so artsy and endlessly fab" shee

    2. id just honestly like to say that this concerns me in a way
      but like whats wrong about uploading things i make rather than things i wear? in general i have so little time school is killing me big time so the posts are short but ye im putting a lot into them im making video blabla congrats on being the first person to actually make me sad on the internet

      there is a thin line between originality and copying and between superficiality and irony and i know that im crossing it but i like to think that im staying on the right side and in the end i still prefer the "uncool" hearty moments spending with people i like to any kind of coolness i am a breathing set of contrasts

      there was no need to comment anonymously though.

  3. well, I admit that my comments were rly and unnecessarily mean and i'm sorry for that. i aslo didn't get to my actual point. of course, there is aboslutely nothing worng with outfit posts, i personally enjoy your style as well as your vids, artworks etc. however browsing through your recent posts i get a feeling that this stuff kinda stepped back for some kind of 'self promo' (posts and anncouncing selling your clothes, showroom photos and so on). but perhaps it's just my naive point of view and this sort of posts are what get the most reactions in artsy/post-internet blogosphere is about. i see you run Tumblr as well so i'll probably follow you there for some more aesthetics inspiration. honestly, thanks for your feedback and good luck with what you do.

    1. once again i must admit you definitely have a point there
      creating in itself and then publishing it is self promo in itself but it is questionable whether self promo in the commercial way (as far as i know it has probably only been inviting people to have a look at my clothes that im selling) may be a bit too much. the goal of it is a commercial one, which is very problematic. i then save the money and when i have enough i travel somewhere, lets face it, there is no way to travel without money (even though i hitchiked as well), in modern society, if you go to a city, you cannot provide yourself with food to survive (you can try dumpster diving but its very restricted). the nice thing about selling clothes though is the happiness that it brings, i sold and gave away a lot, unfortunately im not yet very able to have a stable relationship with my clothing so my likeness towards it tends to stay for a few months only (which i think is caused by the fact that clothes in its core is most of the time a superficial thing and noone says it shouldnt be treated superficially), i have to say though that i most like items i was given by my friends even though i would like them otherwise.. then i wear them for the message they have, they mean something to me.. so giving my clothes to anyone for money or not.. i kinda feel like its got its story already.
      what i dare to say like about my style is that it is very personal, i remake a lot of things, i dont actually buy things at chain shops (and still get offered and accept clothes from h&m showroom for free, what an irony), the average cost of a clothing item i own must be like 2 euro.. im proud that im a poor blogger bc wealth and social status tends to be the phenomenon that is reflected the most in clothing oneself, much rather than any personal style whatsoever. i like to think that im staying myself, myself includes all the contrasts present in me, virtual/natural, shy/cool, relevant/irrelevant, weird clothes/no money lol

      concerning my tumblr, im very proud of it. it quite a concise documentation of my aesthetics and personality. its actually quite important to me. some time ago i was an exhibiting co-curator of an exhibition that dealt with this precise thing of blogging as a more global and less traditional curatorship.

      lastly, (it is bragging but) i dont think i may be understood, the motives for my deeds tend to be quite personal, it can be connected to a memory, affection towards someone, fear etc. so im not saying that it provides things i do/wear with more objective depth im just askin for openness while approaching them.

      sorry for being so incoherent and long. theres so much more id like to express.