2 August 2013

very very

i think the time has come to write about the experience that i had hitchhiking from prague to paris. while reading, you can listen to bjork singing 'fool on the hill' at the age of eleven.


the idea of hitchhiking to paris came a bit earlier, first i was deciding on where to go, i had either berlin or paris in mind, i love berlin but i've been there three times already and only once in paris, and that was with my father. as i was too poor a started with this internet mini-campaign looking for a host in paris. i made a post on my blog, tumblr and even lookbook asking for someone to host me. some friends helped me with that. saoirse for example.

ok enough about that lol. in the end i managed to find two hosts (actually three). see, i needed hosts, i couldn't afford a hostel. i had a total of 100 euro for seven days. that also among the reasons why i decided to hitchhike. but i think that it was mostly about proving to myself that i'm able to step out of my comfort zone and succeed, deal with 'real people', not only the very restricted and restrictive group of people that i'm in contact with.

obviously, noone was able or willing to go with me, the two girls who wanted to were prevented from doing so by their mothers, who were too afraid of the hitchhiking part. and the girls haven't reached the age of 18 yet. so i was like fuck this i'm going on my own i can manage.

i went to a discount supermarket and spent a ridiculously low amount of money on a hella lot of food i was gonna take with me to paris, because i was afraid i would be too poor to afford buying food. so yeah i had a lot of food, but it was terribly heavy. that would not be a problem if i travelled by bus or plane, but it seems like such a stupid idea now!
(i think that the lowest-price food in france keeps a certain level of quality, whereas here the stupid supermarkets keep messing with us, offering us the biggest shit... well.. france is a gastronomical mecca, czrep isn't. like i mean you can get three avocados for a euro, at the bastille market you can get really cheap fruits and vegetables blabla)

anyway, i packed my heavy tins, my apple puree, pasta, knackerbrot, some (ok quite a lot of) clothes and some shoes, borrowed a road map of europe and a tourist guide, exchanged some money, put it in a large rucksack, took a bus to the road that leads to the prague airport and started hitchhiking.

the spot didn't just occur to me, i consulted this website- http://hitchwiki.org/. maybe i did it wrong, but i was just standing there for about two hours or more and noone took me :(. i was getting real depressed and sure that i chose a bad place to hitchike to pilsen. i started questioning this whole hitchiking thing, but then decided to go to zlicin (a part of prague filled with supermarkets, kfcs, ikea i dunno what with fast cars going in the direction towards the west) but it wasn't hitchhikeable. so i threw a tantrum, the sun was boiling, the rucksack was killing me.

i decided to make a last effort: i bought a ticket to pilsen to start my hitchhiking there. i was successful. the rest of the enriching story about how i got to paris is coming soon (tommorow?).


  1. možná se tě prvně trochu báli, pokud jsi měl na sobě něco podobně rozkošného: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-cTPBU-ii2jQ/UYKZCurA6FI/AAAAAAAACtg/rOaDe2UGMas/s1600/DSC_6648_163.jpg
    ale musel to být super zážitek, to jo

    1. nee ja si prave cilene na sebe nandal batikovanej tricajz abych byl pristupnej a fan

  2. bjork <3
    som zvedavy na pokracko!