22 July 2013


i must say i quite appreciate this new approach that h&m has got towards reuse and recycling of fabric.
from now on there are containers in all the chain shops where people can come bring clothes that will be either worn again or used for clothes making or even to make insulation. i think it's a good step, not that it erases all the problems, but it is better than nothing, the brand is acting swedish :3 ;;)

so ye there was this diy party that i was invited to, i brought some clothes to the container and some for the nice lady who edited my clothes :3 (=made them more narrow lol). i even bought some fabric the day before to have something made for me but obviously and understandably that would take like a whole day and there were plenty of us #greed.

i even brought my backstreet boys thingy to make a top out of it..

my mom was celebrating her birthday the same day so i made her a pair of earrings (i am cute ok).