8 April 2013

ernst haeckel: kunstformen der natur

the work was "not just a book of illustrations but also the summation of his view of the world."
-olaf breidbach

yesterday i got to know haeckel's kunstformen der natur (wiki) and his pictures are just stunning
i took the pages and more or less successfully made transparent .pgns out of them
the ornaments are just stunning and as a png file, they might even come handy to you in the future
you can also read/see the whole book here
there's so much primary beauty, i think everyone needs to like them.

p.s. also i'd like to say that i'm fairly sure my blog is going to get better in time now so it might be worth sharing or following, perhaps? i think it's getting quite different from what was here before. or you can like my fanpage to stay updated.


  1. http://www.kosmas.cz/knihy/172350/tiche-revoluce-uvnitr-ornamentu/

  2. Wouaouh! Awesome work and clever idea!
    Thank you hun! :)