3 January 2013

sonnets / berliner ansamble / robert wilson / rufus wright

this definitely is art to me
robert wilson is a stage-director who does his job well
i would like to hear your opinions so that i know im not sharing gems with a group of ungrateful fucks which i totally think you are
in prague you can currently go to a play thats directed by wilson himself: vec makropulos at stavovske divadlo.
a bit of info first

66 tired of all these for restful death i cry

("noelephantitis 2 years ago Also, I don't know if this helps, but what you're seeing on the screen is a video piece of Wilson's from the 1970s, which itself is adapted from a couple of Wilson's live shows--the image of actress Sheryl Sutton in 19th century dress slowly walking toward and stabbing a young boy. He's obsessed with these images, and they go back very early in his life. But I think AllmuthAndorsch's interpretation sounds very good.")

in case you enjoy this as much as i do, here is a channel where you can find some more excerpts