23 October 2012

brueghel + hoepker

today we had an interesting art history lesson at our school and these two pictures came up.
i'm wondering whether to be the one to explain anything of my opinions of it or just let you absorb these the way that you see it.
all i ask of you is to compare these two pictures thoughtfully and deeply, things will get clearer in a few seconds.
the first one is a landscape with the fall of icarus by brueghel, whom you can see in the lower right corner (if you don't know it, the legend of icarus is here, and it's worth it).
the second picture was taken by thomas hoepker (it's called magnum) on the 11th of sept 2001 and released in 2006 (guess why)
i don't think the second one's theme is cruelty, rather it's some kind of supersaturation of modernity.

how many people read news about cern where they're trying to equal the velocity of light!
how many people would read intriguedly abt a successful expedition to mars!

what do you think?
and yes i know that noones gonna discuss or comment so i'll just get depressed about modern times even more.
and yes i know there was slavery in ancient greece but there was also true love towards knowledge, thinking and real honour.
the question also is to which extent we are really given freedom as opposed to being enslaved.

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