11 July 2012


as you might know, i went to the pohoda festival.

i'm getting more and more frustrated about how unbelieavably requiring i am.

during kasabian, i tried to move to the rhytm but just wasn't able because they are just so generic to me and i cannot understand what one can like about them like srsly they're so uninteresting but yeah ok it's indie rock lol.
kasabian, you can't sit with us!
also, most of the time, all the songs one band plays seem so similar between each other urghh.

out of this crowd, there were only two that stood out of the crowd and i seriously loved them.
they were caribou, who made a great job not only because i find the music great but also because they were perfectly capable of creating a festival-like atmosphere that was also fun and danceable. it was the only time during the whole festival when i was in trance and just didn't really care about how stupid i dance just wanted to express myself.
the second one was king krule, former zoo kid. the feeling it gave me is hard to describe. they're all young lads you'd imagine somewhere in suburbs of some industrial cities in britain but at the same time there's a very poetic feel about them.

apart from the two, i also really enjoyed emika, who presented her mixture of pop and witch house (i guess i'm bad at giving genres names i dunno), we went there with dor.

what made me happy was that i could enjoy music that i didn't like that means i danced to totally extinct enormous dinosaurs and sebastian.

i ate dirt. sang all the worst czech songs that have ever been created. i was given two burritos in a row. i didn't bring a single euro (but borrowed some and paid back with czech money). didn't drink that much didn't even smoke weed it was really warm i guess that's why i felt so warm inside psychologically too and everything seemed soft, even concrete. i took a lot of clothes with me and once again found out how useless that was because obviously no jackets or pants were necessary. i had bought two nail polishes some days ago so i had one hand alien green and another one black. i also made a crown from fake plastic flowers i stole some time before and i did look a bit like jesus yes.

we hitchhiked our way back to prague. it was hilarious actually. we got so lazy we first went to FIVE pubs in a row, ate some pizza, watched the tv, lay on the unbelievably dusty ground and stuff.

there were sunflowers growing out of a concrete bridge
at ten o'clock we finally arrived home.

p.s. emiliana torrini? srsly?


  1. fakt som nechapala kde bereš tie hitovky

  2. jaaaj King Krule byl absolutne nejlepsi!! nejvetsi zazitek z cele pohody,navic jsme ho pred koncertem potkali a tak pul hodky s nim kecali.asi ho miluju,ale tak to kazdej

  3. brown boy http://www.hovno.sk/gallery/detail/id/2400

  4. emiliana torrini bola krasna
    s jointom

  5. je smiesne ako je tu presne to iste co si mi hovoril