27 July 2012

dem alt creepeh hanz

so i went to creepy teepee festival some time ago
i have to say it changed my life
i'm in london now so i don't have much time to write articles and it would take such a long time to express everything about creepy teepee, but i'll definitely do that another time okok?
so here are a few photos of my *fazhion innovationz*

for the bracelet you need a duct tape daz all and stick on it anything you find like a cig, flowaz, matchez, inzectz

for dem hawt hawt nailz u need nail polizh and some leavez

(ye my hanz look old so wut i'm a strong empowered blak woman y'all u ain't got nuthin on me)


  1. ha! :D i moucha? hezký náramek!

  2. your hands looks so old

  3. creeeepy nailz the best. compulsory part of the next CT look!

  4. moc se mi líbí tvoje ruce a to ce děláš. m.