27 July 2011

lukáš ve spreji

otiskli můj "luk de rii" ve francouzskym malym magazínu spray. http://www.spray-magazine.com/

-How old are you and what are you doing for living?
I'm eighteen and currently studying at high school.

-What brands are you wearing on the photo?

the black plimsols are f&f, i got them in tesco. they were super cheap so that was cool. the shorts are levi's from an outlet. i really like the fact that they have this bloody colour. the sweater is from topman, also from sales. i adore the geometry of it. (the hat belongs to the photographer, bethany grace - http://bethanygrace.co.uk/)

-What are your fashion influences?

urgh, seriously dunno what to say. at this point of my life, my aesthetic goals revolve around evil dark stuff, punk and glam. i love skinny jeans and oversized tops. i really like mcqueen (which is the least original thing to say, right) and pugh. i would not honestly say that they influence me that much, though.

-Where do you use to buy your clothes?
well, definitely h&m for basic garments, such as one colour t-shirts. i like the fact that topman has got more distinguished character and it's edgier. i also shop at vintage and second hand stores, the cheaper the better.

co vy na mě. a souhlasíte?

-What is the last thing you bought?

it was probably a second-hand black rucksack. the first rucksack ever i was willing to wear.

-What is, for you, the worst look ever?

i thought i hated white shorts the most, but a few days ago i was wearing a design of a student of a fashion school on the runway and really liked those. as i really enjoy irony and even some kind of ugliness in clothing, there is no worst look. maybe the worst thing is to look average.


  1. ja si myslím že právom zaberáš najviac miesta! najs. a bloody kraťasy sú supr.

  2. kdyz voni francouzi vubec nemaj smysl pro ironii, nechapou to
    co delas za stredni?